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Gourmet & Specialty Louisiana Pepper, BBQ & Hot Sauces

We produce Louisiana's largest-selling line of gourmet and specialty pepper, barbecue and hot sauces. These Cajun products have different levels of heat, none of which are painful. They are loaded with the very best peppers available and are thick with chunks of garlic, onion, pepper bits and other ingredients. The canning process that only we employ in our production method provides the intense flavors you never thought possible in a hot sauce. Our process eliminates the need for the heavy vinegar and salt used in the typical cold-blend production of the vast majority of pepper sauces. Send your taste buds off in an entirely new direction and forget all you thought you knew about Louisiana hot sauces. These regional classics are truly the best and are guaranteed to satisfy your urge for something new and better or we will refund your money! We also offer our sauces for wholesale. Contact us or give us a call today!

100% Veteran Owned and Operated
Made in the Heart of Cajun Country


Our Most Popular Hot Sauces

Bayou Butt Burner Louisiana Pepper Sauce

Bayou Butt Burner

Sweet Cajun Fire Louisiana Pepper Sauce

Sweet Cajun Fire

Bayou Fireballs Louisiana Pepper Sauce

Bayou Fireballs

Bayou Fireballs in Space!

NASA approved! One of our hot sauce fans is an astronaut and he loves our Bayou Fireballs hot sauce so much that he brought it into space with him!

squeeze book

For those of you who read for enjoyment, your favorite hot sauce man has written and published a novel that will appeal to your apparent discernment of distinction. Please take a look. If it interests you enough to make the purchase, I guarantee your delight. Either way, thank you!

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