Do you have a store or retail outlet from which you’d like to sell our products? Are you a producer of promotions for companies or organizations? Or do you just like our products so much that you would like to purchase them in volume for a lower price?

Our wholesale program might be just the thing for you. While our products are being sold retail nationwide, your needs may exceed that of a few bottles or even a couple of cases. We can help by offering our low wholesale prices to those who may or may not want to purchase for resale. It’s simple. Buy 5 cases, in any combination, and the
wholesale price is yours. But, there’s more.

Wholesale purchases will qualify for ½ price shipping! Yes! We will split the shipping costs with you! That means you will pay half of true shipping costs. You’ll receive a copy of the actual shipper’s charges. Also, there are no handling fees or hidden costs to wonder about. And no tax certificate is necessary.

Pricing is easy. Any and all of the hot sauces will cost $42.00 for a case of 12. That’s $3.50 a bottle! Our locally and otherwise famous Alligator Bayou BBQ Sauce is $48.00 per case of 12. That’s $4.00 a bottle! When you factor in the half-price shipping, it’s an amazing deal!

For twenty plus years we have offered this bargain for our superior products, making it one of a number of reasons that we remain in the forefront of the hot sauce world. You should join us!

To take advantage of this program, just call us at 225-266-8833, or contact us through the website with your information and we’ll call you. Whichever you like. Thanks for reading!