About HongryHawg

pile of cayenne peppersIn October of 1996 we had a bumper crop of cayenne peppers from our backyard garden. Not having the heart to throw away the dried peppers of the season, we decided to make a pepper sauce the way we wanted it. The total production consisted of about 60 bottles. We made a simple label off the computer, calling the product "Bayou Butt Burner" Louisiana Pepper Sauce. "Grown in the backyard and bottled in the kitchen". We gave it all away as gifts. The response was so good, we decided to make even more and see if anyone would actually pay for it. We drove up to Angola Prison and bought 200 lbs of cayenne peppers and came home and froze them in gallon freezer bags. Each weekend we would produce another sixty bottles. The local merchants agreed to carry it and when the response remained positive, we began producing it every day. The demand grew and grew and we added another product and then another. In January, 1999, we went full time with it and never looked back.

These products are produced in small batches, 60 gallons at a time. We are able to maintain consistency, using the very best ingredients possible. Unlike so many other sauces that are cold-blended with dried and powdered ingredients, ours is made from fresh ingredients, cooked and packed hot. You'll be able to tell that with your first taste. We have no thin or runny sauces. Ours are chunky and thick with ingredients. We guarantee you will rave about our stuff or we will refund your money.